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Apron with Leather Strips / Blue Stripes

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Handmade by SUL.
52% linen and 48% cotton
Removable leather strips
Front pockets

All textile with natural fibers undergo shrinkage after the first wash. Your apron has been subjected to a 4Oº wash but can shrink slightly in the next wash.

Wash cold or 4Oº maximum

Always prefer neutral and biodegradable liquid detergents. Do not use detergent with bleach or whitening agents, as these destroy the colors.

Avoid strong and prolonged centrifugation. Use an average cycle 400 to 600 rpm. Facilitates the ironing task.

Open and shake the piece before putting it to dry. If you use the dryer, opt for average temperature and speed. Remove from the machine immediately after drying.

Prefer a steam iron. Choose the option of linen or cotton