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In last few years I met few Portuguese makers whose work I deeply admire.

We worked together, developing exclusive product for a shop, one that would meet mine and their aesthetic.

Every single piece is unique and handmade with love, every single imperfection is due to be celebrated.

SUL :: Each SUL article is carefully handcrafted as a single piece until it becomes what we have dreamt it to be. Created in very small scale editions, SUL pieces are made only with leathers that inspire us. If we come across an exquisite leather that fulfills our design standards we will use it even if it means making only ONE piece.
The leather may have scars, blemishes or irregularities. The process of dyeing is manual and presents imperfections as uneven color and alteration of tone. Please note that unevenness and cracks on the surface of the bag are to be considered part of its texture – and that is just how we want them to be.
We are fond of materials that age with wearing and become worn both by hand touch, sun and rain.
We stand for simplicity, unique pieces that endure over time, accompanying successive generations, carrying moments to be told, like carved tattoos.

Otchipotchi :: I like colour, trees and flowers, sunshine and thunderstorms, cats and dogs, books and magazines, silence and water, birds singing, the smell of fresh bread and the earth after it rains, simple details, the sea and big skies ...

Otchipotchi ceramics was created in 2010 by Paula Valentim who is inspired by nature and believes in the slow pace of life.

Wood Fox ::  Portuguese brand that was born from the taste for Nature and from the will to do something nice with it in a harmless way. It’s something that makes part of our everyday life and of course, it comes from the pure pleasure of cooking as well....  My parents walk the dog for one or two hours every day, in a rural area plenty of trees. On the way they pick some fruit, flowers or some wood which either broke off or was simply cut down by the time of pruning. All the spoons are made of this same wood. Each spoon is unique. It’s one of a kind.

MF Ceramics :: MF Ceramics is a ceramic studio created by Margarida Fernandes in 2011, where each piece is unique and totally handmade with care and patient.MF Ceramics has been inspired, most of the time, in the kitchen atmosphere and in all that is relatively to this basic need of life - food and cooking.The interest in collect objects from the past, that Margarida learned with her grandmother, has influenced and enriched her craft production.

ARMINHO :: ARMINHO is a brand created by the creative couple João and Raquel. Their studio is based in Oporto and their products are carefully handmade, using ancient techniques like letterpress. They love paper, wood and natural materials that they find locally to make notebooks and posters. Arminho describe themselves as compulsive makers, urge to create in every aspect of their daily life, from what they eat to what they wear, passing through their work and environment.